Full Stack Development with PHP & MySQL

Self Paced | 12 Hours | Basic Certification
2,966.00 +GST

Faculty would be from the industry

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Dive into the world of PHP! PHP, which stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, is a dynamic scripting language that powers dynamic web pages. It takes inspiration from C, Java, and Perl, adding its unique flair. PHP is open source and plays well with databases like MySQL and Oracle. Discover PHP to unleash your web development potential!


What you will Learn :

  • Become a PHP pro, mastering everything from the basics to advanced web development tricks.
  • Dive into web design essentials with HTML and CSS, honing your front-end development skills.
  • Manage data like an expert with PHP and MySQL, mastering processing, uploading, and efficient management.
  • Craft dynamic web pages like a pro, transforming into a full stack developer.
  • Unleash your potential to create interactive, database-driven web applications using PHP and MySQL.


How this Course Benefits you :

  • Accelerate your career by becoming a skilled full-stack developer in PHP and MySQL.
  • Equip yourself with the ability to craft dynamic web pages, increasing your value in the tech industry.
  • Connect with a vibrant community of learners who share your passion for web development, forming valuable connections and friendships.
  • Enhance your job opportunities with a highly coveted IIT Kanpur certification in full-stack development.


Who this course is for :

  • Perfect for newcomers and future web developers eager to conquer full-stack development.
  • Ideal for tech enthusiasts starting from scratch, ready to explore PHP and MySQL.
  • Professionals seeking to boost their web development skills and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
  • A must for anyone passionate about crafting dynamic web applications and ready to unleash their full stack potential.


Introduction of PHP and Environment step up

Web & PHP Fundamental


Type Conversion

Decision Making Statement


Break and Continue Statement



Array Built-In Function

String and String Function

Web Designing- HTML 

  • Web Designing- HTML Part 1
  • Web Designing- HTML Part 2
  • Web Designing- HTML Part 3

Web Designing- CSS 

  • Web Designing- CSS Part-1
  • Web Designing- CSS Part-2

Form Processing 

File Handling in PHP

File Uploading

Client Side State Management

Server Side State Management


  • MySQL  Part-1
  • MySQL  Part-2

PHP with MySQL

  • PHP with MySQL Part-1
  • PHP with MySQL Part-2
  • PHP with MySQL Part-3



Sample Certificate