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Faculty would be from the industry

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Red Hat Linux (RHEL-8) Essentials and Administration is your gateway to mastering Linux system administration. This course covers hands-on customization and scripting of command line tools, along with fundamental tasks like installation, package management, and user administration for Enterprise Linux.


What you will Learn :

  • Get hands-on with Linux, mastering installation, customization, and scripting.
  • Dive deep into Linux’s core with expert knowledge on files, command line tools, and system management.
  • Become a pro at user and group management, task scheduling, and RPM package handling.
  • Unlock the secrets of Linux permissions and become a Vi Editor expert.
  • Navigate Linux with confidence, seamlessly sharing files with other Linux users.


How this Course Benefits you :

  • Become a Linux pro, supercharging your tech career with expert system administration skills.
  • Elevate your Linux expertise and become a sought-after asset in the world of Enterprise Linux.
  • Master vital Linux skills to streamline system management, boosting your productivity.
  • Connect with a supportive community of Linux enthusiasts and professionals, guiding you on your Linux journey.
  • Enhance your resume with a prestigious IIT Kanpur certification, giving your CV a remarkable edge.


Who this course is for :

  • Great for IT pros and system admins aiming to shine in the Linux world.
  • Ideal for tech lovers who want to dive deep into Linux and its administration.
  • Perfect for businesses and organizations keen to train their teams in Linux system management and customization.
  • A must for Linux enthusiasts ready to unleash its potential in personal or professional projects.
  • No prior experience required – this course is your perfect starting point for Linux success!


Introduction to Linux

  • Introduction to Linux
  •  History of Linux

Installation Information

  • Installation
  • Installation

Directory Structure

  • Directory Structure of Linux

Prompt Info and Graphical Interface

  • Prompt Info and Graphical Interface

Linux Commands

  • Directory Commands
  • Listing Commands
  • File Commands
  • Copy, Move and Rename Commands
  • Helping commands
  • Some more basic commands
  • File Processing Commands
  • Compression and Backup Commands
  • Filter Commands
  • Finding and Searching Commands
  • Process Commands
  • Some Networking Commands

Linux File System

  • File Types in Linux

The Vi Editor

  • Vi Editor-1
  • Vi Editor-2

Permissions in Linux

  • Permissions
  • Advance Permissions

Management in Linux

  • Users Management
  • Group Management

Scheduling Tasks

  • Scheduling Tasks

Signals in Linux

  • Signals

Exploring Virtual File System (Proc)

  • Exploring Virtual File System (Proc)

Hardware and Log Files

  • Hardware and Log Files

Package Management using RPM

  • Package Management using RPM

Sharing Files between Linux OS

  • Sharing Files between Linux OS


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