Make your own Telescope

7,999.00 +GST

Batch Starts from May 20th 2024

Course Details :

  • Course Type : Online Live Delivery
  • Duration : 7 Hours
  • Skill Level : Students from Grade 6 to 11
  • Assessments : NA
  • Certificate : Yes
  • References : Books/Videos/PDFs (Optional)

Total Lectures :

  • Number of Videos for the above (if SPP): NA
  • Number of lectures for the above (if OLD): 7

Objective / Outcome Expected :

  • Deeper insight into the working of telescopes.
  • Learning the methods of active experimentation and result analysis
  • STELLARIUM Software Training
  • Safety and Maintenance Practices while working with telescope Optics
  • Applying learned concepts to create a project and presenting it
  • Community and Networking with like minded students


Module 1 – Sky Observation

  • Introduction to the Program
  • Movement of the Sky
  • Alt-Azimuth Coordinate SystemBasic Mount of Telescope
  • Finding Angles in the Sky
  • Make your own Altimeter

Module 2 – Working of the Telescope

  • Coordination of Human Eye and Telescope
  • The purpose of a Telescope
  • Telescope Specifications
  • Idea of Mirror-based Telescope -Newton’s Telescope and it’s working

Compare: Refracting vs Reflecting (Pros & Cons), Telescopic effects in the nature

Module 3 – Telescope Assembly

  • Parts of the Telescope Kit
  • Finding the Telescope Specs (Aperture, Power, Magnification, Focal Length etc)
  • Telescope Accessories and their use
  • Telescope
  • Assemble instructions

Module 4 – Operating the Telescope

  • Telescope Mount
  • Telescope Pointing
  • Focusing
  • Objects of Observations
  • Tools for planning observations
  • Mobile App for planning observations
  • Observation Task

Module 5 – Professional Telescope

  • The Telescopes for Research
  • World’s largest telescope
  • The Evolution of Professional Telescopes
  • Telescopes on the Ground & Space :
    • Case Study
    • Challenges of Telescopes on the Ground and Space
    • Adaptive Optics
    • Finding the Telescope Resolving power

Module 6 – The Invention and Future

  • Who invented the Telescope?
  • The story of Telescope Invention
  • Why Galileo is Famous
  • The role of Telescopes in scientific progress
  • The James Webb Space Telescope (Case Study)
  • Indian Telescopes in Space

Module 7 – Assessment & Feedback

  • Quiz
  • Presentation of Student assignments/observations
  • Feedback
  • QnA and Course closure

Instructor Profile

  • Name: Ashish Kumar
  • Description: 
    • 8+ Years of Experience in Astronomy and space science education to over 15k+ students all over the world
    • ⁠Astro-Tourism expert
    • Professional experience in Telescope manufacturing
    • Star Gazing Expert
    • ⁠Installed CDK24″ and observatories
    • Designed Astronomy and Space science museum



Q. Are there any benefits with the certification?

Ans- Certification will help build student profile for Under Graduate admission.

Q. Will the certification help in Placements?

Ans – Not applicable as this is a K12 level program

Q. Does the certification lead to an alumni status from IITK?

Ans – No