Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking 101

8,000.00 +GST

This course is a comprehensive, in-depth training program focused on teaching participants the intricacies of finding and responsibly reporting software vulnerabilities. Covering ethical hacking, real-world scenarios, and hands-on experience, the course delves into advanced cybersecurity concepts, tools, and methodologies. It aims to equip learners with practical skills, ensuring they are prepared for real-world bug bounty hunting and contributing to enhanced digital security.

Course Details:

  • Course Type : Online Live Delivery
  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Skill Level : Beginner
  • Assessments : MCQ Based Test
  • Certificate : Yes

Outcome Expected :

At the end of this course students will get a fair understanding about bug bounty, penetration testing, ethical hacking and will be able to apply their knowledge in the real world scenarios to hunt bugs and vulnerabilities in the realtime environment and earn bounty from it.

Target Audience :

  • Beginners in Cybersecurity
  • Computer Science Students
  • Professionals who are looking for Domain Change in Cybersecurity
  • Anyone interested in learning Cybersecurity or Bug Bounty
  • Bug Bounty Hunters.

Key Features :

  • Internship Opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Networking with professionals
  • Access to resources
  • Latest & Industry Grade Curriculum
  • Private Bug Bounty Program Invite
  • Vibrant Online Community


  • Module 1 : Introduction to the Certified Bug Bounty Hunter Program
  • Module 2 : Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
  • Module 3 : Understanding Web Application Security
    • Exploring Common Web Vulnerabilities
    • Best Practices for Web Security
  • Module 4 : Network Security and Vulnerability Assessment
    • Techniques in Network Penetration Testing
    • Tools for Network Security Analysis
  • Module 5 : Bug Bounty Platforms and Vulnerability Reporting
    • Navigating Popular Bug Bounty Platforms
    • Writing Effective Vulnerability Reports
  • Module 6 : Legal and Ethical Aspects of Bug Bounty Hunting
  • Module 7 : Advanced Tools and Techniques in Cybersecurity
    • Utilizing Modern Hacking Tools
    • Hands-on Practice with Security Tools
  • Module 8 : Real-World Scenarios and Case Studies
    • Engaging in Practical Bug Hunting Exercises
    • Analyzing Case Studies for In-depth Understanding
  • Module 9 : Developing a Hacker Mindset
    • Strategic Thinking in Security Research
    • Continuous Learning and Skill Development
  • Module 10 : Capstone Project
    • Practical Bug Hunting Challenge
    • Applying Learned Skills in a Real-World Scenario


Q. Are there any benefits with the certification?

Ans. Yes, students will be able to showcase the certificate for jobs, internship or for higher studies that showcase the successful knowledge about cybersecurity and bug bounty.

Q. Will the certification help in Placements?

Ans. Yes

Q. Does the certification lead to an alumni status from IITK?

Ans. No

Instructor Profile

Name: Dr. Amey Karkare


Dr. Amey Karkare is currently the Head of CSE department at IIT Kanpur. He completed his Ph.D. from IIT Bombay in 2009 and his B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur in 1998. His areas of interest include Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Program Analysis, Compiler Optimizations, and Functional Programming. He has more than seven years of industrial experience, most of which is in Compiler Optimizations. Dr. Karkare received the prestigious Infosys fellowship during his Ph.D. and P. K. Kelkar Young Research Fellowship at IIT Kanpur.

Name: Adarsh Kant


I am the founder and CEO of Cyber3ra, a leading cyber security and forensics company that provides innovative solutions and training to clients across the globe. I am also a cyber security mentor at PW Skills, a platform that connects learners and experts in various domains, and a business coach at Business Blasters 2.0, the world’s biggest entrepreneurship program by Delhi Government.

I have been recognized as a Global Talent Awardee 2021 for Inspiring Youth in Cybersecurity Expertise, and featured in 50+ global news media outlets, such as Business Standard, Japan Times, Yahoo News, and New York Dispatch. I have 80+ certifications, including Certified Ethical Hacker, Password Hacking Software, and The Ultimate Machine Learning Course. I have delivered 50+ webinars, sessions, guest lectures, and speeches at multiple banks, police departments, colleges, and institutions, and trained 14,000+ students and professionals across India, UK, and Singapore in Azure Security, Active Directory, Cybersecurity, Cyber Forensics. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience, and empowering others to achieve their goals in the cyber security field


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