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IFACET career program offers the Full Stack MERN Development Certification. Gain job-ready Full-stack development skills within 3-5 months through Vernacular Upskilling, 360-degree Career Guidance, Globally Recognized Certifications, and Placement Guidance.

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About IFACET’s Full stack Development Certification

IFACET world-class upskilling experience for job aspirants seeking opportunities in trending tech career domains. This IFACET Certified Full-Stack MERN Developer Course  will upgrade your career with flexible boot camp-style upskilling, comprehensive course structure, expert-guided mentorship, real-time full-stack MERN development projects, & industry-recognized skill certifications that catalyze your profile to ace lucrative career in the full-stack development industry.

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Top Reasons To Choose Full Stack Development as a Career

Full Stack MERN Development Growth

853000 job openings by 2024
(Top 5 Trending Technology to Learn)

Average Salary of Full-Stack MERN Developer in India

₹8 LPA


Top Product-Based Companies Hiring Full-Stack MERN Developer

Avg. Salary in these companies: 25 LPA

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Full Stack MERN Development is indeed a fascinating and high-demanding field that involves building web applications that could help industries expand their business. It is also the need of the hour and an ever-rising profession in the IT industry helping industries grow. Several modern methods are used by full-stack developers to drive profitability and cater to the need for solutions to real-world problems.

This Full-Stack MERN Development Course is well structured for the dynamic and ever-expanding world of Web Development & IT. It’s a field with immense potential to transform industries and our understanding of the world. By the end of this course, you’ll learn to build some amazing full-stack development projects that will add value to your resume and help you get a high-paying job at top product-based companies.

Why Choose IFACET's Full stack Development Certification?

Get to Know Our Full Stack Development Course Syllabus

This program has been made specially for you by leading experts of the industry that can help you land on a High-paying Job

JS basics

  • Introduction to web
  • Browser Wars
  • DOM tree, CSSOM tree
  • Browser internals - HTML parser, CSS parser, JS engine
  • Layout engine or rendering engine JavaScript
  • V8 engine internals
  • IP – MAC address – Ports & Evolution of HTTP
  • How the Server looks at the URL
  • Request & Response cycle
  • HTML Browser view - Debugger, Inspect, Responsive View
  • Browser js vs Node js
  • Data types
  • Copy by value and Copy by reference
  • Window & document object
  • Array and JSON iteration
  • XMLHTTPRequest
  • Hoisting & scope
  • function & return keyword
  • Types of functions
  • MRF - array method
  • Error Handling
  • ES5 vs ES6
  • OOP, this, rest & spread operator
  • Array & object destructuring
  • Arrow functions

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • What is HTML?
  • Basic tags in HTML
  • Inline vs block element
  • div vs section vs article
  • HTML forms & Form input element with its attributes and HTML form submit
  • What is CSS?
  • property vs value
  • Selector:- tag vs class vs id
  • Intro to pseudo-classes (link,visited,hover,active)
  • Parent inherit
  • Box model - margin, padding, border
  • Flex - display, direction, wrap, flex-flow, justify-content, align-content
  • Position property - static, relative, absolute, fixed, sticky
  • Overflow property - hidden, visible, scroll, auto
  • Box-shadow property
  • Media query
  • Use of Font & icons
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Layout, Container, grid system, gutters
  • Responsive web design


DOM Manipulation
Document object and Window object
Method in document object
  • createElement()
  • setAttribute()
  • innerHTML vs innerText
  • append() vs appendChild()
  • getElementById() vs querySelector() vs querySelectorAll()
Method in Window object
  • prompt() vs alert() vs conform()
  • setTimeout() vs setInterval()
Events - Change CSS through JavaScript
Cookies & session, local storage

Advance JS

Callback - Event loop
  • What are the states in the promise?
  • Promise chaining
  • Fetch API


  • ReactJS introduction
  • Components, states, props, lifecycle
  • Conditionals, hooks, router, Axios
  • Redux

Database & NodeJS

  • MySQL & MongoDB
  • NodeJS - Connecting DB with MongoDB
  • Routes, Authentication - Middleware - JWT
  • Custom middleware
  • The student should do a complete backend application


Data Structure & Algorithms


  • System Design
  • AWS

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Who Can Apply for the Professioanl Full Stack MERN Development Certification?

  • College passed out students interested in Full-Stack Development.

  • Job aspirants with at least a bachelor’s degree & keen interest in Full-Stack Development.

  • Early professionals looking for a career switch into the full-stack development domain.

Why Choose IFACET for Learning Full-Stack Development?

IFACET career programs are project-based online boot camps that focus on bestowing job-ready tech skills through a comprehensive course curriculum instructed in regional languages for the comfort of learning the latest technologies.

  • IIT-K Certification

Highlight your portfolio with skill certifications from IIT-K that validate your skills in Advanced Programming & Globally recognized certifications in other latest technologies of Data Science.

  • Vernacular Upskilling

Ease your upskilling journey by learning the high-end skills of Data Science in your preferred native languages such as हिंदी & தமிழ் along with English.

  • Industry Experts’ Mentorship

Get 360-degree career guidance from mentors with expertise & professional experience from world-famous companies such as Google, Microsoft, Flipkart & other 600+ top companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this course will be live and will also provide you with recorded sessions for learning at your own pace. It covers all the basic to advanced-level topics such as frontend, backend, and database management needed to become a full-stack MERN developer.

The full-stack MERN developer course is ₹1,30,000. However, you can just attend the preboot-camp session by paying ₹8000 and if you’re not interested, you can raise a query within '7-day pre-boot refund policy'

The demand for full-stack MERN developers across industries is very high and product-based companies like Google, Meta, do offer a high package. This indeed is a great choice for aspirants who are interested in the web development career.

This course is for 3-5 months where 3 months is recommended for students (Monday to Friday) and 5 months is recommended for working professionals (Saturday & Sunday). However, you can enroll in the weekend/weekday batch according to your convenience.

You need to follow a few basic steps:

  • Sign up by filling in the details

  • Pay ₹8000 and attend the preboot-camp session

  • Later, pay the entire fee and attend live online classes

This course is for anyone who wants to get into full-stack development, be it students, graduates or working professionals.

This program has up to 24-month of EMI options available for the payment of the course fee. You can start with a pre-booking fee of ₹8000 (Refundable), and evaluate your Prebootcamp performance. If still interested then proceed towards your successful upskilling journey or else stay assured of the ‘7-day pre-boot refund policy’.

In this full-stack MERN developer course, you will learn about

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • BootStrap

  • NodeJS

  • ExpressJS

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • Mongoose

  • AWS & more

Some of the best projects in Full-stack MERN development covered in this course are:

  • YouTube Radio App
  • Instagram App using React
  • Google docs clone & more

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