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Master the two most in-demand tech skills of this decade: Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing through IFACET’s highly acclaimed Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Certification. Let industry experts teach you about all aspects of Intelligence and digital marketing fundamentals along with the must-know tools.

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About IFACET’s Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Certification

IFACET provides top-notch tech upskilling for individuals from all backgrounds regardless of experience. Our Business Intelligence Course with Digital Marketing is a highly professional program for freshers and working professionals alike, seeking lucrative career opportunities and job roles that provide substantial salary hikes within both the Intelligence and digital marketing industries. Learn to analyze data, provide mindful business insights, and how to become a pro digital marketeer with mentorship from industry experts with years of experience. With a comprehensive course structure, expert guidance, an incredible project portfolio, and this course will help you build a stellar career in both business intelligence and digital marketing.

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Top Reasons To Choose IFACET's Professional Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Certification

Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Growth

13.5% from 2021 to 2030!
(Top 5 Trending Technology to Learn)

Average Salary of Business Analytics in India

₹15 LPA - ₹20 LPA


You’ll be working with Companies like

Avg. Salary in these companies: ₹15 LPA-20 LPA

High Demand Across Industries


Financial Services



Software Development


Wide Array of Career Opportunities After Course Completion: Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Database Administrator, Analytics Manager, Content Manager, Content Strategist, SEO Strategist, and many more.

Earning Potential:

1.Business/Data Analyst salaries typically range from ₹12 LPA to ₹15 LPA, depending on experience and location.

2.Digital Marketers can earn between ₹11 LPA and ₹19 LPA annually, with opportunities for higher salaries as expertise grows.

3.Business Analysts cum Content Managers who combine analyzing data, deriving meaningful conclusions from it, and strategizing the content through digital marketing often earn between ₹15 LPA and ₹21 LPA.

Business Analysts who are also proficient digital marketers are in high demand across industries ranging from finance, IT, and Entertainment to healthcare, offering job security and competitive salaries, thus there is a rise in the number of these intuitive job roles with a lack of professionals who are skilled in both. Digital Marketing is an indispensable tool for Business Analysts and by mastering it, even fresh graduates can command impressive average annual salaries ranging from ₹12 to ₹15 Lakhs, which is obviously higher for more experienced professionals and IFACET will help you master all of the in-demand tools to assist you in building an attractive GitHub portfolio that will help you stand out and soar toward a successful career.


Why Choose IFACET's Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Certification?

Get to Know Our Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

This program has been made specially for you by leading experts of the industry that can help you land on a High-paying Job

Data Wrangling in Excel

● Basic Excel Functionalities
● Searching and Filtering in data
● Excel Formulas
● Merging data in excel
● Pivot Charts in Excel
● Cleaning Data with Text functions

Data Handling in SQL


● Introduction to RDBMS
● Setting up and using SQL
● Searching and Filtering records
● CRUD operations in SQL
● Database Design in SQL
● Assessment

Advanced SQL


● GroupBy functions in SQL
● Merge and Join functionalities in SQL
● Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
● Pivots in SQL
● Assessment

Introduction to Statistics


● Describing and Summarizing Data: Central Measure
● Spread
● Skew
● Detecting and correcting Outliers
● Finding Statistical relationships between two
● sets of data
● Inferential statistics - sample vs population
● Estimation Technique
● Hypothesis Testing
● Case Study: Exit poll analysis

Introduction to data visualization in Excel


● Read Complex JSON files
● Styling Tabulation
● Distribution of Data - Histogram
● Box Plot
● Pie Chart
● Donut Chart
● Stacked Bar Plot
● Relative Stacked Bar Plot
● Stacked Area Plot
● Scatter Plots
● Bar Plot
● Continuous vs Continuous Plot
● Line Plot

Data visualization using PowerBI


● Introduction to PowerBI
● Creating, Managing and filtering Data
● Basic Plots in PowerBI - Trend Analysis, Area,
● Ribbon, Scatterplots and Decomposition trees
● Creating PowerBI reports
● Creating interactive dashboards and deploying
● the dashboards

Data visualization using Tableau


● Introduction to Tableau
● Connecting, managing and aggregating data
● Visual Analytics in Tableau
● Simple predictive analytics using tableau
● Building Tableau Dashboards

Digital Marketing Basics


● Fundamentals of Marketing
● Digital Marketing Channels and Metrics
● Designing and Building a Web Presence

● How do websites work?
● Key website ingredients
● Website design dos and don'ts
● Case Study

Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


● Search Engine basics
● How do search engines see the web?
● Organic vs Paid search
● Google search console
● Intro to SEO
● SEO process
● How to choose keywords?
● Making webpages search friendly
● Cross borders with SEO
● Search Engine Marketing
● SEO for local business
● Case Study

Social Media Marketing


● Social Media Basics
● Right social media websites
● Measuring social media success
● Avoiding common social media pitfalls
● Advertising through Social Media
● Case Study
● Assessment

Content Marketing


● Email marketing
● Managing Email Campaigns
● Display Advertising
● Understanding Ad networks
● Video Marketing
● Example: Email marketing
● Example: Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Tools: Google Analytics


● Introduction to Google Analytics
● Setting up views and filters
● Generating Reports
● The audience, Acquisition and Behaviour Reports
● Measure google ads campaign
● Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder
● Case Study

Introduction to Predictive Analytics


● Types of ML problems
● Introduction to Simple and Multiple Linear
● Regression
● Interpreting Regression models
● Case study: Lead Scoring

Predictive Analytics - II


● Classification using Logistic Regression
● Classification using the Naive Bayes model
● Case Study: Customer Conversion Prediction

Advanced Predictive Analytics


● Decision Tree Regression
● Decision Tree classification
● Feature Importances
● Case Study: Customer Churn Prediction

Cluster Analysis


● Market Basket Analysis
● K means clustering
● Case study: Customer segmentation
● Case study: E-commerce Targeted Ads

RFM Analysis for marketing


● Introduction to RFM
● RFM analysis for customer segmentation
● Case Study

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Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Certification

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Who Can Apply for the Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing Certification?

  • Fresh graduates interested in joining the business intelligence and digital marketing fields
  • Job aspirants with a bachelor’s degree & keen interest in data, Intelligence and marketing
  • Early professionals looking for a career switch into business Intelligence, digital marketing, or content strategizing and management

Why Choose IFACET for Learning Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing?

IFACET career programs are project-based online boot camps that focus on bestowing job-ready tech skills through a comprehensive course curriculum instructed in regional languages for the comfort of learning the latest technologies.

  • Unique Course

A combination of both these amazing skill sets as a course that is at par with industry standards and in-demand skills is pretty much non-existent in the market. By enrolling in this course, you can step forward in a field where the gap is already wide and beat the competition early on.

  • IIT-Kanpur Certification

Highlight your portfolio with skill certifications from IIT-K that validate your professional and industry-standard Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing skills.

  • Industry Experts’ Mentorship

Get 360-degree career guidance from mentors with expertise & professional experience from world-famous companies such as Google, Microsoft, Flipkart & other 600+ top companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this course will teach you in the form of live sessions as well as recorded videos so that you can learn at your own pace. This course takes you from a beginner to an expert level and covers technologies such as Tableau, PowerBI, Excel, and so much more. Not to mention, you also gain a highly accredited certification.

The Business Analytics with Digital Marketing course costs only ₹1,30,000. However, you can take a look at the course structure and topics covered in this course and determine whether you’re up for it in a mere 8000 rupees through our pre-bootcamp which is completely refundable in case you decide to opt out.

The demand for skilled Analytics and Marketing Professionals equipped with the right tools is very high and various software development companies and e-commerce businesses offer high salary packages of up to ₹20 LPA to hire them as they’re well-versed in both fields.

Even freshly graduated Business or Data Analysts with some data visualization skills earn an average annual salary of ₹8.0 LPA and can earn up to ₹15 LPA. Whereas, Digital Marketers make a whopping of around ₹11LPA to ₹19LPA. And, skilled professionals that pass out from this course and know how to combine analyzing data, deriving meaningful conclusions from it, and strategizing the content through digital marketing often earn between ₹15 LPA and ₹21 LPA.

This course is for everyone who wants to build a successful career in the business analytics and digital marketing industries or better yet combine these two skill sets to avail higher salary packages. They can be students, working professionals, or people looking for a switch to more successful careers. Everybody from all backgrounds is welcome and is sure to be upskilled.

This program has up to 24-month of EMI options Available for the payment of the course fee. You can start with a pre-booking fee of ₹8000 (Refundable), and evaluate your Prebootcamp performance. If still interested then proceed towards your successful upskilling journey or else stay assured of the ‘7-day pre-boot refund policy’.

In this Business Analytics with Digital Marketing course, you will learn about:

  • Tableau

  • Excel

  • PowerBI

  • SQL

  • Google Analytics, and much more.

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