About Us

SBERTC, located at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, is a dedicated center that fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and small business development. We are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to achieve their goals through research-driven strategies, personalized mentoring, and transformative workshops.

Our Vision

At SBERTC, our vision is to be a leading catalyst for fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives innovation, economic growth, and societal impact. We aspire to nurture a community of thriving entrepreneurs who create sustainable ventures and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold

Research Excellence

To conduct cutting-edge research that explores the factors influencing entrepreneurial success and the impact of entrepreneurship on individuals, businesses, and society. Through our research, we aim to generate valuable insights and actionable knowledge that can shape policies and strategies in the entrepreneurial domain.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

To provide comprehensive consultancy services, personalized mentoring, and transformative workshops to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. We strive to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Collaborative Ecosystem

To collaborate with various stakeholders, including industry, government, academia, and investors, to foster a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures innovation, facilitates access to funding, and supports entrepreneurial ventures at every stage of their journey.

Our Activities

Consultancy Services

Our experienced team of researchers and business consultants offer market research, business planning, financial analysis, strategic planning, and innovation and growth support to entrepreneurs and small business owners across diverse industries.


Our dedicated research center explores various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as the entrepreneurial mindset, ecosystem dynamics, innovation and technology, entrepreneurial finance, and entrepreneurship education. We disseminate our findings through academic publications, policy reports, and practitioner-oriented publications.

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program provides personalized coaching, industry expertise, networking opportunities, and access to resources to aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage business owners. We support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey, from idea conception to business growth.


Our workshops impart practical skills and knowledge in areas like business planning, financial management, marketing and branding, innovation and creativity, and leadership and team building. Led by experienced instructors, these workshops empower entrepreneurs to implement effective strategies in their businesses.

Join Us

If you are an entrepreneur with a vision, a small business owner seeking growth, or someone with a passion for entrepreneurship, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can drive innovation, create successful ventures, and make a positive impact on society.

Contact Us

To learn more about our consultancy services, research initiatives, mentoring program, or workshops, please get in touch with us at sbertc@iitk.ac.in. We look forward to collaborating with you and supporting your entrepreneurial endeavors!

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Design Thinking

As an extension of innovation that allows one to design solutions for problem statements, this course explores and practices the concepts of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, and how these three concepts come together to create a solution to a real problem in the form of product/service.

Potential Markets & Delivery Channels

Companies and individuals use different channels to communicate and market to potential clients about their products and services. This course helps you gain insights on Market Identification and Analysis, along with Implementation Strategies.

Modeling the Business – exposure to risk (sensitivity analysis)

Starting a business is the first step in the entrepreneurial journey, but having a scalable plan is what will make it truly successful. Through this course, one will learn how to create a scalable and sustainable business model which will transform an idea into a success.

Social Media and the Changing Nature of Business Communications

With the rapidly changing consumer landscapes, contemporary businesses are constantly facing communication challenges to reach and satisfy the end users. Through this course, one will learn about the new age communication channels and how to leverage them for a better brand success.

Launching Technology Ventures

Among an array of technological interventions, this course is practically oriented, providing more depth to the core engineering interest of the potential entrepreneur. This course offers a real-world opportunity to practice the application of entrepreneurial concepts and engage in designing an entrepreneurial project.

Resources acquisition & management strategy

This course integrates many of the concepts, tools and practices of entrepreneurship. Students will learn to execute the business plan and strategic involvement of different partners or stakeholders at appropriate stages. The course builds on foundation concepts from the Opportunity and Entrepreneurship courses. It is designed for students seriously considering launching a new technology-based venture or students planning to work in an early-stage venture.

Venture Financing

Taking any business to the bigger stage is all directly proportional to the capital investment put in at the right stages for the right need. With Venture Financing, a startup can leverage through the investors funds and networks both. This course helps to make better investment and financing decisions in entrepreneurial settings.

Legal Environment of Business

Businesses must function according to the laws of that area they wish to operate in, as laid down by the respective government. This course helps one understand the role of the law and legal risk in shaping business decisions, achieving competitive advantage, and avoiding legal pitfalls.

IP development, protection and management

Owning intellectual property symbolizes innovation and creativity within a company. Managing these assets requires a deep understanding of the rules and codes which govern patent prosecution.

Leadership, Team Management and Organization Culture

This course explores the relevant concepts, theories and skills needed to lead successfully in any environment, from new ventures to change management in large corporations, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

Have a bright idea? Don’t know where to begin? Need some expert intervention?

We invite you to present your solutions to us and we pledge to guide you into making them into viable business plans. Our panel of mentors are experts in their domains and masters in assessing, nurturing and pushing your thoughts towards the right path. Connect here with us and let us help you be the next solution provider.

"Commited to finding answers for the fundamental question & disseminating the knowledge fruits back to all the stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem"

SBERTC aims to bring bold ideas to life to help governments support innovation that fuels growth and builds a better society. 

Innovation Ecosystem

Working for Financial Inclusion

RCT (Randomized control trials)

Environment (green entrepreneurship)

Collective intelligence (peer to peer)

Entrepreneurial & Innovation Policy Prescription & Assessment