Professional Certificate Program in Product Management

A comprehensive training program for Product Managers encompasses roles, skills, and influence techniques, emphasizing market analysis, customer research, and competitive analysis. Advanced strategies like SWOT analysis, Ansoff Matrix, and Blue Ocean Strategy are taught for effective product strategy. Crafting product vision, aligning with organizational goals, and applying design thinking, agile methodologies, and UX principles are emphasized for optimized product development and launch.


8 Months

Batch Date

July 2024


Industry Experts and Practitioners

Learning Format

Online Live Delivery

Programme Fee

₹180,000.00 +GST

Overall Scope of the Course

Key Features

Campus immersion

Capstone project

Hands-on learning

Career assistance

Industry expert lectures

Networking opportunities

E&ICT Academy, IITK Certification

Learning the latest tools and frameworks

Quick query resolution

Program Curriculum

  • Module 1 : Intro to Role, Responsibilities, & Skills of PM
  • Module 2 : Market Analysis & Customer Research
  • Module 3 : Competitive Analysis for PMs
  • Module 4 : Product Ideation & Conceptualization

  • Module 1 : Define Product Vision & Mission Techniques
  • Module 2 : Develop Product Strategy Frameworks
  • Module 3 : Prioritization Methods & Roadmapping
  • Module 4 : Align Business Objectives with Product Strategy

  • Module 1 : Design Thinking for PMs
  • Module 2 : Introduction to UX Design
  • Module 3 : Information Architecture & Design Process
  • Module 4 : Empathy-Driven Design Essentials

  • Module 1 : Agile Methodologies Overview
  • Module 2 : Sprint Planning, Review, & Retrospective
  • Module 3 : Prioritization & Backlog Refinement Techniques
  • Module 4 : Agile Metrics & Performance Measurement

  • Module 1 : GTM Strategies & Planning
  • Module 2 : Crafting Compelling Product Messaging & Positioning
  • Module 3 : Leverage Marketing Channels for Product Launch
  • Module 4 : Measure GTM Success Metrics

This project entails crafting and executing a holistic strategy for the development of a new product. This encompasses delineating the product's concept and strategic direction, meticulously designing the user experience, orchestrating an agile development framework, and orchestrating a comprehensive plan for product launch and marketing initiatives. The project synthesizes principles from product management, user experience design, agile methodologies, and marketing to furnish a comprehensive comprehension of the complete product lifecycle.

  • Module 1 : Growth Hacking Techniques & Strategies
  • Module 2 : Scaling Product Operations & Infrastructure
  • Module 3 : Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategies
  • Module 4 : Managing Hypergrowth: Challenges & Best Practices

  • Module 1 : Product Success Metrics & KPIs
  • Module 2 : Introduction to Product Analytics: Tools & Metrics
  • Module 3 : Data-driven Decision Making in Product Management
  • Module 4 : A/B Testing & Experimentation for Product Improvement

  • Module 1 : Understand Generative AI & Its Applications
  • Module 2 : Ideation Techniques Using Generative AI Tools
  • Module 3 : Prototyping with AI-Generated Content
  • Module 4 : MVP Development & Testing with AI-generated Features

The project entails the comprehensive development of a new product, integrating key elements such as product management fundamentals, strategy formulation, and roadmap creation. It involves meticulous user experience design to ensure intuitive interaction. Agile methodologies drive the product's iterative development, while launch and marketing strategies aim to create awareness and attract users. Growth and scaling plans are essential to sustain momentum. Product analytics provide insights for optimization. Lastly, generative AI is utilized from ideation to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) creation, streamlining the innovation process.

Target Audience

Working professionals from corporate, Mid-career professionals transitioning roles.

Current product managers seeking skill enhancement.

Aspiring product managers and recent graduates.

Executives, entrepreneurs mastering product strategy, Industry professionals from diverse sectors.

Program Coordinators

Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. B V Phani

Head of Department, Department of Industrial Management & Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Our Mentors

Program Outcomes

Program Certificate

Program Fee



*excluding GST​

  • Duration: 8 Months
  • Course Type : Online Live Delivery
  • Total Lectures : 30+ Lectures
  • Skill Level Assessments : Quizzes, Assignments, Capstone Presentation
  • Certificate  : Yes

Course Fee Bifercation


GST Details

Registration Fee*


18% GST


Fees Remaining**


18% GST


  • To reserve a seat, a learner must pay the registration fee of 15,000/-
  • After completing the registration successfully, the learner is required to settle the remaining amount of 3,35,000/- within 7 days

Frequently Asked Questions

E&ICT Academy, IIT K Certification is considered highly valuable and with hands-on experience, getting a job would become that much more easy.

No, the certification does not confer alumni status from IITK.

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